InnerAsia's founder, Kesang Tashi was born in
the Gyalthang region of Eastern Tibet and has spent his life preserving and promoting the arts and crafts of Tibet. Tashi comes from a family of Khampa traders and patrons who were instrumental in the Horse Caravan and Tea Trade Road  that connected Tibet and China.
Tashi brings this same entrepreneurial spirit to his support for Tibetan arts and crafts and continues to mentor young Tibetan business leaders and craftsmen. Tashi is a graduate of Dartmouth College and divides his time between the US and Tibet. Tashi is recognized as an expert on Tibetan Rugs and Tibetan Furniture and has published an authoritative book on Tibetan rugs, Of Wool and Loom; The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs, published by Orchid Press. Tashi is currently working on a book about three generations of his family at the crossroads of political and social change, aptly titled, A Bridge to Shangri-La.