Customized Journeys to Tibet and the Himalayan Kingdoms of Bhutan and Nepal

Crossroads Adventure draws its inspiration from intrepid Tibetan explorers of the past who journeyed to Indunframed horse caravania, China and Nepal seeking knowledge and wisdom of the world around them. Kesang Tashi of InnerAsia, created Crossroads Adventure to keep this spirit of exploration and discovery alive and introduce travelers of all ages to the spectacular beauty and culture of Tibet and its neighboring countries along the Tea Trade and Horse Caravan Route. This region is at the threshold of change and Crossroads Adventures invites you to join them in exploring the wonder of this region's rich cultural traditions and beauty of its natural environment.

 gedong festival at songzanlin monasteryCrossroads Adventure specializes in small, customized journeys. Our goal is to provide the ultimate"insider's view" of the life and culture of Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal and our trips are led by the most experienced guides in the region. Most of our trips are available througout the year and - with groups of four or more - can be customized to meet specific interests of our guests. Whether you are exploring the monasteries of Tibet or in search of textiles in  Bhutan, Crossroads offers a once-in a lifetime experience of discovery and fun.


Crossroads in Tibet

Crossroads offers three itineraries in Tibet. These trips explore the natural beauty and dynamic culture of Eastern Tibet, home of the famed Khampa of Tibet. They center around Gyalthang, aptly renamed Shangri la, and this area is known for its rich traditional Tibetan culture and stunning beauty. Gyalthang is recognized for its sacred mountains, verdant forests and great rivers and while visting this region, our guests will experience authentic Tibetan hospitality in a five star setting at Songtsam's elegant and well appointed Tibetan styled
lodges. Songtsam Lodges have been identified as one of the "10 Best Hotels in the World" by Tattler and are on Conde Nast Traveler's "Hot List 2012". Crossroads Adventure is happy to link any of these itineraries to additional travel to Lhasa, Nepal and Bhutan.

Tibet Itineraries

songtsam meili and meili snow mountains


Khawakarpo – In the Footsteps of Pilgrims; A Journey of Discovery

pilgrims the sound of dharmaKhawakarpo is one of the three most sacred mountains of Tibet and is revered as the manifestation of the Awakened Mind - a state of realization where Wisdom and Compassion are one. Follow the footsteps of earlier pilgrims through lush forests and colorful Tibetan villages high above the deep gorges and sub-tropical rain forests of the three great rivers- the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween- snaking far below. This is a journey of inner and outer discovery. By exploring the world without and one discovers the world within.

Sign up early for a 14 day Khawakarpo Pilgrimage hosted personally by Kesang Tashi in June 2015.  Check out our 14 day itinerary for this wonderful trip.  10 day itinerary is also available 



A Culinary Journey Through Shangrila

meiliShangri-La's unique geography offers a profusion of healing herbs, wild mushrooms and local foods that are unique to this pristine and unspoiled area of Eastern Tibet.  Crossroads Culinary Journey will explore Shangri-La's bountiful harvest through the artful creation of talented chefs who will lead us on an unforgettable culinary journey. Join us in discovering a fusion of culinary delicacies that celebrates the natural abundance of Shangri-La and experience the delights of a well-guarded secret; the great Shangri-la wines of the sacred Khawakarpo Vallies.


The Khampa Spirit; An Exploration of the Tea Trade Horse
Caravan Road

galloping horsemanShangri-la's original Tibetan name is Gyalthang, The Victorious Plateau. Gyalthang was the gateway between Chinese and Tibetan civilizations, at the center of the lucrative Tea trade and Horse Caravan Road that played such an important role in Khampa culture. From this
desolate highlands where bandits roamed,  came the heroic and resourceful Khampa mule driver-entrepreneurs and Khampa "Jindha" or patron leaders, in recognition of their leadership and charity within the community.  There is not better authority than Kesang Tashi.
to tell this story as his family played a prominent role in the Tea Trade in this region and Tashi has a book in progress on the subject. Join Tashi for a first hand exploration of the Tea Trade and Horse Caravan Road of Tibet104

Sign up early for this trip led by Tashi in July, August September 2013.

Photos: Courtesy of Songstam Lodges





Crossroads in Bhutan

camera 2008 248 camera 2008 297The charming kingdom of Bhutan is nestled in the mountains of the eastern Himalaya and provides some of the region's most colorful and moving  examples of Buddhist culture. Our trips explore Bhutan's monasteries and Dzong (fortress) architecture and discover its vibrant and colorful arts and crafts traditions. Crossroads introduces its guests to the unspoiled and protected beauty of Bhutan's natural environment and leads trips specifically designed for those who like to trek or the "Birders" among us. Crossroads trips to Bhutan are offered throughout the year and and can be linked to further travel in Tibet and Nepal.



Bhutan Itineraries

Discovering Bhutan; The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan paro Tigers Nest MonasteryTravelling through Thimpu, Paro, Punakha and more, this trip will visit hill top monasteries, traverse mountain passes fluttering with colorful prayer flags, explore charming villages and discover Bhutan's unique artistic heritage. This seven day journey will give you the opportunity to experience the wonder of Bhutanese culture and the unfailing graciousness of the Bhutanese people.

Check out our 7 day itinerary.   



Discovering the Birdlife of Bhutan; An Exploration of Bhutan's Unique Birdlife

This sixteen day trip explores the rich bird life of Bhutan in a range of natural settings. By exploring the forest land, river banks, grassy valleys and mountain slopes of Bhutan's protected natural environment, those lucky enough to be on this trip can expect to see some of Bhutan's rarest and most colorful birdlife.


Kesang Tashi; Traveler, Explorer and Host

139Kesang Tashi was born in the Gyalthang (renamed Shangri-La) region of Eastern Tibet and has spent his life preserving and promoting the arts and crafts of Tibet. Tashi comes from three generations of Khampa "Jindha" (merchant- patrons) who led trade expeditions along the famous Tea Horse Caravan Road across the Tibetan highlands. Tashi has created Crossroads Adventure, to introduce new generations of travelers to his homeland in Shangri-La and Central Tibet as well as the Himalayan Kingdoms of Bhutan and Nepal.Tashi has been closely involved in the development of ecotourism and conservation of the region's nature and culture for more than twenty years.  Crossroads Adventure journeys are small, elegant and personal and offer an insiders' view of this unique region of the world. Tashi is a graduate of Dartmouth College and divides his time between the US and Tibet. Through Crossroads Adventure, Tashi offers you a once in a life time experience of the world he knows and loves.