Traditional arts and crafts of Tibet transformed into modern setting

 InnerAsia works closely with traditional craftsmen throughout the Silkroad region to bring a wide selection of beautiful arts and crafts to the US. Whether it is handcrafted textiles, painting, furniture, metal work or handmade paper, InnerAsia prides itself in supporting traditional crafts and the artisans who create them.

Tibetan Miniatures

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InnerAsia collaborates with a number of traditional painters to create beautiful works of miniature art that provide a fascinating glimpse of Tibetan history and culture. InnerAsia has commissioned traditional thanka painters in Tibet to create painted miniatures that depict Tibet's major historic monuments, cultural scenes like the Ancient Horse Caravan Trade Route, biographic stories of Tibet's great poet and saint, Milarepa and illustrations from Tibet's rich medical tradition. These miniatures are painted in the style of the Mogol miniature tradition of India with the exacting care and skill of Tibet's finest thanka painters. See all our Tibetan Miniatures on our Online Store


The Metal Arts of Nepal

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The Kingdom of Nepal has long been recognized as a center of tremendous artistic talent and creativity. The Newars,a major Buddhist ethnic group who lives in Kathmandu Valley, are known for their remarkable talent as painters, wood carvers and skill in metal craft. Their beautiful bronze icons and array of perfectly mixed alloys used in bells, cymbals, bowls and other religious implements, are found in the temples and monasteries of Kathmandu Valley and Tibet. Their decorative ritual pots, water vessels and lamp stands are prized throughout the region. For many centuries, the great monasteries of Tibet brought Newar artisans from Kathmandu to create the stunning Buddhist sculptures, icons and ritual implements that are highly prized as objects of art throughout Tibet. InnerAsia has handpicked a number of antique and contemporary brass pieces that reflect the best of their work. See our Silk Road Gallery on our online store

Hand Made Block Printed Paper

tibetan sky paper

InnerAsia is working with an atelier in Lhasa that trains young Tibetan craftsmen in the arts of traditional and decorative paper making. Created from the bark of the Daphne shrub, paper making was an important element in Tibetan culture and essential to the vast block print libraries of Tibet's monasteries. This distinctive and highly decorative paper is used as framed art, book, stationery covers, window coverings, lamp shades and gift wrap. As the exclusive distributor of this paper outside of Tibet, InnerAsia is proud to help preserve Tibet's paper making tradition and provide training and employment opportunity for young artisans from a Lhasa Orphanage associated with this atelier. See all our handmade papers on our online store. 


Tibetan Brocade Bags

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InnerAsia has capitalized on the Tibetan passion for color and love of bold images to produce stunning brocade bags. By working with gifted tailors of Nepal and Tibet, InnerAsia is able to produce a wide array of textile products for home and wardrobe. See all our Tibetan Brocade Bags on our online store.